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Infertility Benefit Seminar

If you are thinking about using the new infertility benefit our provider, Carrot, is holding an online seminar at 9 am PDT, on April 27th to which all our Participants are invited to attend. If you want to learn more about the infertility benefit and how it works, if you have questions, concerns about the process, this is your chance to learn more about this new benefit.

You can register for the online seminar by clicking HERE.

Partners are welcome to join. If you or your partner can’t make it, the recording of the virtual event will be emailed to all those who have registered and will be posted in the Resource Center on Carrot’s website. 

If you can’t attend the online seminar, Carrot provides some basic informational resources:

  • Infertility: Overview – Check out this article for a general overview of what infertility is, and some of the causes (requires registration with Carrot). 
  • Infertility: Treatments – Read this article to better understand the different options to treat infertility (requires registration with Carrot). 
  • Male infertility and pursuing parenthood – Joseph’s story – Learn more about Joseph, a 35-year-old man from New York, and his journey to parenthood. 

We hope these resources are helpful to you in your family-forming journey.