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Writers may not make contributions on their own behalf. A writer may also not make contributions on behalf of a spouse, parent, spouse's parent, sibling or lineal descendent unless certain conditions are met.

A Signatory Company may employ its owner/writer to perform covered writing services and that Company is required to make contributions on the writer's behalf if certain conditions are met.

If you are a writer who owns 10% or more of the production company that signed the collective bargaining agreementAn agreement between an employer and the Writers Guild of America. The agreement sets out the wages and working conditions for writers hired by a signatory employer., you may make contributions on your own behalf (or your spouse, parent, spouse's parent, sibling or lineal descendant) or if you are an Officer, Board Member, Director (or serves in another similar capacity of such non-profit), only if the following criteria are met: you must have (1) proof of unrelated third party financingFinancing that comes from a third party which is not directly or indirectly related to the owner/member of the reporting for-profit signatory (or to an officer, board member or director of a non-profit reporting signatory) or have interest in the reporting signatory. funding the project, (2) an agreement with your third party financier, (3) a budget with an amount allocated for writing services which must not be below guild minimum, and your signatory company must own the project up to a certain date or event (please contact Employer Compliance for more information on this point).

In order for the Administrative Office of the Trusts to determine if contributions can be accepted, documentation, including but not limited to the following items, may need to be submitted for review:

  • Proof of Unrelated Outside Financing (check copies, wire transfers, bank statements - always required)
  • License Agreement Between Signatory and Financier (license agreement should contain an allocation for writing services)
  • Employment Contract Between Signatory and Writer
  • Budget (with allocation for writing services and contributions)
  • Evidence of Payment to Writer (copy of canceled check, wire transfer, bank statement - always required)
  • Scripts or Other Literary Material

Owner/Writer rules can be very complex. Please don't guess that you are doing it right. We're here to help. Don't risk your contributions being rejected. Call us first to avoid surprises later.

For further information on Owner/Writers, please contact the Employer Compliance Department of the Trusts. You may click this link pdf  to review the rules of the Trusts regarding owner/writers.

[email protected]      818-846-1015, press "3", then "1"