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Health Fund


(The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985)

As you read through this document, you may find the number of available options overwhelming. Please feel free to contact the Eligibility Department at 818.846.1015 and someone will happily answer any questions or concerns you might have. We’re here to be your trusted guide.

COBRA allows you to continue medical/ hospital, dental, prescription and vision coverage for you and your eligible dependentsAny dependent of a participant who meets the criteria for eligibility established by the Fund. beyond the date your employer paid coverage ends by paying monthly premiums for the continued coverage.

When a "Qualifying Event" occurs, and the Administrative Office has been notified, a notice of termination, which includes COBRA information, will be sent to you or your eligible dependent (excluding same-sex domestic partners). If you or your eligible dependent wishes to elect to pay for COBRA continuation coverage, you must respond within 60 days after the later of:

  • The date coverage terminates; or
  • The date you were notified by the Administrative Office of your continuation coverage privilege.

Situations called "Qualifying Events" resulting in entitlement to COBRA continuation coverage and the duration of the continued coverage are shown in the chart below:

Cobra Continuation Coverage Qualifying Events

You and your eligible dependents Your coverage terminates because you do not meet the required earnings minimum for eligibility 18 months* (29 months for an individual who is disabled at the time or within 60 days of the qualifying event**)
Your dependents You die, or are divorced or legally separated from your spouse 36 months
Your dependent children They cease to qualify as eligible dependents (for example, they reach the limiting age) 36 months

* 24 months if in the last five years the active participant had at least two years of earned eligibility.
** Proof of eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is required for continuation of the additional 11 months of coverage.

Please note: It is your responsibility to notify the Administrative Office of a divorce, legal separation or child's loss of dependent status within 60 days after the date the event occurred. Notification includes submission of court documents or any other pertinent information. If notification is received later than 60 days of the event, the spouse or dependent child will be ineligible to purchase COBRA continuation coverage.

Important information regarding the ACA’s Health Insurance Marketplace:

If you are considering exploring coverage options available to you through the Health Insurance Marketplace, we highly suggest that you complete your benefits comparison before deciding to purchase COBRA Coverage. If you purchase COBRA coverage and later decide to allow your COBRA coverage to terminate due to non-payment of premiums, the Health Insurance Marketplace will not recognize this as a “Life Event” and you will be denied enrollment until their next Open Enrollment period. Additionally, you will not be allowed to re-enroll in COBRA Continuation Coverage once you have allowed the coverage to lapse.

Official Website for the Federal Government
Official Website for the State of California
Official Website for the State of New York

Important information for New York State Residents:

If you are a resident of New York State and would like to apply for their assistance program please contact the Albany Health Bureau of the New York State Department of Insurance at (518) 473-6107.

  • COBRA Enrollment Packet - Use this packet to enroll in the COBRA Continuation Program if your Health Fund coverage has ended within the last 60-days.


NOTE: This is only a brief summary of your benefits. All benefit descriptions contained herein are governed by the limitations and other information contained in your SPD.