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One of the most important tasks the Administrative Office performs is to keep you informed of your benefits in the Health Fund and Pension Plan. To allow us to stay in touch with you, please remember to notify us in writing if you have a change of address. The Administrative Office only accepts address changes in writing. This is to ensure your privacy and protect your interest.


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Benefit Plan Checklist
  • Let us keep in touch with you. If you have a change of address, please complete the Address Change Form on this page and mail to the Administrative Office.
  • If your authorized third party has changed or if they have moved, please also notify us.
  • Remember that notifying the Writer's Guild of America, west, Inc. or Writer's Guild of America, East, Inc. does not automatically change your address of record with the Administrative Office.
  • If you are enrolled in a plan that is only available in certain states (i.e., The Industry Advantage/California Care HMO, DeltaCare Dental HMO), please contact the Health Fund Eligibility Department to see if your plan is available in your new state of residence. If not, you will need to make a new plan selection.
  • If you are receiving a retirement benefit and are moving into California, you may want to complete an EDD DE 4P form for tax withholding. If you do not complete and return an EDD DE 4P form, your California tax withholding will be based on the withholding allowances of a person who is married with three exemptions. If you are moving out of California, please inform us in writing that you no longer wish to have California tax withholding.