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Health Fund

Health Coverage Options

Your Options

When you initially become eligible for benefits you may choose among the Plan options available to you. Open Enrollment is held in November of each year for plan changes effective January 1st of the following year. The availability of your options is based on where you live.

PPO Medical Plan

Available everywhere

Effective 1/1/08, we have one network, the Nationwide BlueCard network.  Under this option, you have the choice between receiving services through a Preferred Provider Organization or providers you choose on your own.  When you use a PPO provider, you not only help the Fund control expenses, but you pay a lesser percentage of a negotiated rate. You receive the advantages of assignment of benefits (provider bills the Fund directly) and that the provider should not charge more than the negotiated rate.

In Southern California, participantsAn individual or that individual's spouse or dependent children who meet(s) the eligibility requirements established by the Fund. have the further option of reducing costs by receiving services through The Industry Health Network (TIHN). This coverage option requires no special enrollment.  Using a provider in the TIHN network can provide you with significant savings. You can take advantage of TIHN if you live in Southern California, if you are enrolled in the PPO Plan.  Please see the Industry Health Network page to view the enhanced benefits.

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NOTE: This is only a brief summary of your benefits. All benefit descriptions contained herein are governed by the limitations and other information contained in your SPD.