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Mail order or local pickup, Express Scripts Smart90 Program

Smart90 Walgreens program – What it is

As of May 1, 2017, Participants will have two options for obtaining maintenance medications through Express Scripts (ESI).

  • Option 1 – Use Express Scripts Mail Order Pharmacy to obtain any or all maintenance medications (the current benefit).
  • Option 2 – Fill any or all of your prescriptions for maintenance medications through the Smart90 Walgreens Network (receiving equivalent cost savings as the current mail-order benefit). Duane Reade and Happy Harry’s pharmacies are also participating in this program.

Fast, cheap or convenient – Pick two

Conventional wisdom holds that when there are three choices and one of them involves paying less, you can only pick two, not all three. With its new Smart90 Program, ESI allows you to have all three:

  • FAST – Instead of waiting for your mail-order prescriptions to arrive, you can simply go to your nearest participating Walgreens (Duane Reade or Happy Harry’s on the East Coast) pharmacy and pick up your medications.
  • CHEAP – If you opt to pick up your maintenance medications at a local pharmacy instead of mail order, you still pay the same low price. No extras or hidden costs.
  • CONVENIENT – Mail-order or local pickup, you choose what works best for you.

How the Smart90 program works?

Although you may be using the ESI mail order pharmacy currently, if you want to switch to the ESI Smart90 program, you will have to call your physician and get a new 90-day prescription (up to three refills), the same as you do with mail-order.

Present your 90-day prescription(s) and your Health Fund ID Card at one of more than 8,000 participating Walgreen’s pharmacies (or Duane Reade or Happy Harry’s pharmacies).

Pay the same 90-day co-pay as you would filling your prescription using ESI’s Mail Order Pharmacy.

NOTE: Participants who continue to fill 30-day supplies of maintenance medications (and do not obtain a 90-day prescription), or use a non-preferred pharmacy, will pay 100% of the prescription cost.

How do I find participating pharmacies?

To find a Walgreens, or Duane Reade, or Happy Harry’s pharmacy that participates in the ESI Smart90 program, all you need to do is log in or register here.

Once registered, select “Manage Prescriptions,” and look for a link directing you to your nearest participating pharmacy.

Smart90 Walgreens Benefits

  • Receive the same significant savings filling your 90-day prescriptions at Walgreens as you receive using ESI’s mail-order pharmacy.
  • Smart90 Walgreens retail network offers pharmacists onsite at more than 8,000 participating pharmacies nationwide (including Duane Reade and Happy Harry’s pharmacies).
  • No more delays waiting for medications to arrive through the mail.

Bottom line

Mail-order or local pickup, the price is exactly the same. You choose what works best for your needs.