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Health Fund

Article 6, Section 6.
Deadlock of the Trustees

In the event of a deadlock vote, then an impartial umpire to cast the deciding vote shall be chosen, if possible, forthwith by the Trustees. If the Trustees are unable to agree among themselves upon a person to act as such impartial umpire, then within 72 hours after the adjournment of the meeting at which the tie vote occurred the Chairman and the Secretary shall attempt to agree upon the selection of such impartial umpire. If upon the expiration of such 72-hour period the Chairman and the Secretary have failed to select such impartial umpire, then either group of Trustees or any Producer party hereto or the WGA may petition the District Court of the United States, Central District of California or the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York for the appointment of such impartial umpire. When an impartial umpire has been selected in any of the manners aforesaid, a meeting of the Trustees shall be held as soon as practicable, which meeting shall be attended by such impartial umpire, and at that time the entire matter of the question or resolution in dispute shall be presented and reargued and the umpire shall hear any evidence or arguments presented by either group of Trustees upon the question or resolution upon which such deadlock has occurred. Such umpire may, if the umpire so desires, make direct inquiries to the Trustees with respect to any information which the umpire deems to be relevant or material to a proper determination of the question, and any such information as is not then immediately available shall be furnished to such umpire by the Chairman and the Secretary jointly as soon as practicable. As soon as practicable, and in any event within 14 days after the date of such meeting or the date upon which the last of such requested information is furnished to the umpire, whichever is the later date, the impartial umpire shall by written instrument cast a vote for or against the question or resolution upon which the deadlock has occurred. The vote so cast by such umpire shall be determinative of the question or resolution, and in casting such vote the umpire may but need not specify the umpire's reasons for so voting. The vote so cast by the umpire shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the Chairman and to the Secretary. All costs and expenses incident to any such proceeding, including costs incurred in the appointment of the umpire, the holding of proceedings, the fee, if any, charged for the umpire's services, shall be a proper charge against the Health Fund and the Trustees are authorized to pay or direct the payment of such charges.