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Health Fund

Article 1, Section 2.

  1. The Network Companies, and stations, sponsors, advertising agencies, independent producers and other companies which are signatories to the Writers' Guild- Industry Health Fund Trust Agreement, and

  2. Those member companies of the Alliance, which now are or may hereafter be parties to or be bound by the WGATheatrical and Television Film Basic Agreement, or be bound by any future WGA Minimum Basic Agreement to which this Trust Agreement is annexed with the approval of the Trustees, and which become a party to this Fund, and

  3. Any other employer which enters into or becomes bound by a collective bargaining agreement with WGA and which, pursuant to Article V, Section 3, is permitted by the Trustees to become and does become a party to this Trust Agreement and contributes to the Health Fund pursuant to the terms hereof, and

  4. The WGA, the Health Fund Office, the Producer- Writers Guild of America Pension Plan Office, and the Interguild Federal Credit Union shall each be deemed to be a Producer solely and exclusively for the purpose of permitting each of them to contribute to the Health Fund on behalf of their full-time officers and employees; provided that, if permitted by the agreement described in Article V, Section 4, a Producer described in this subsection may, by written agreement with the Health Fund, exclude from the definition of 'Writer' any employee subject to a collective bargaining agreement between the Producer and a union which is not the WGA.