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Hearing Aids And VSP


The Health Plan covers up to $1,000 per hearing aid device. If you’ve priced hearing aids recently, you know this doesn’t go very far. Fortunately, the Health Plan’s eye care provider, VSP, has a relationship with a hearing aid service, TruHearing, that allows PWGA Participants to get substantial discounts – and then apply the $1,000 per hearing aid coverage to that lower price.


As you can see in this chart, the savings can be substantial, and the prices presented are all BEFORE you apply your $1,000 per hearing aid Health Fund allowance.

In the same previous chart, if you elected to go with the standard hearing aid, you would not have to come up with any additional money. If you select the advanced hearing aid you’d be paying $195, and even the premium model would cost you only $495 – after you applied the Health Fund’s coverage. These prices are per hearing aid, so if you needed a hearing aid for each ear then the standard hearing aid would still cost you nothing out of pocket, but the advanced hearing aid would be $390, and the premium model would run $990.

If you want a different hearing aid model than the ones listed here, or you have questions about a particular model, TruHearing has representatives available to assist you.


You can simply use TruHearing to get a discounted price on a hearing aid(s), as well as some free batteries, but you can also get medical servicing by using their providers.


The first thing to do is go to the TruHearing website. You’ll be provided with some introductory information.

You can also locate a TruHearing provider in your neighborhood by using their online search engine.


Whether you decide to use all of TruHearing’s services, or simply use them to get a discount on hearing aids, you should be able to obtain substantial savings.