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Life Events

Death of Dependent Child

The death of loved one, especially a child, is a very difficult and stressful event. To help you through this difficult time, here are some items to consider which may affect benefits under the Health Fund and Pension Plan.


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Additional Information:

Health Benefits

Pension Benefits

Benefit Plan Checklist
  • Please notify the Health Fund in writing of the passing of your child, be sure to include the date of death. If available, please attach a copy of the death certificate with your notification. If the death certificate is not available when you notify the Fund, please send a copy to the Administrative Office as soon as you receive it.
  • If the child was your only dependent you will no longer have to pay the dependent premium.
  • You may want to review your beneficiary designation with the Health Fund and the Pension Plan and make any changes you deem appropriate. If you do not fill out a new beneficiary designation with either the Health Fund or Pension Plan, any life insurance or Pre-Retirement Death Benefit that may be due will be paid to the beneficiary listed on the most recent designation. If you would like to change your beneficiary designation for your life insurance, you must complete a Health Fund Life Insurance Beneficiary Form pdf. If you would like to change your beneficiary designation for the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit under the Pension Plan, please complete a Pension Plan Designation of Beneficiary Form pdf. Changing your beneficiary for the Health Fund does not change your beneficiary for the Pension Plan and vice versa. Please see Forms referenced on this page.