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Return to Work After Retirement

You can only play so many rounds of golf or tennis, or visit so many friends and places before you realize that retirement may not be what you expected it to be. The need to work again may come gradually or all at once. When it comes, nothing can stop you from going for it.

If you start receiving a pension before age 65, you need to take the first month off to be considered retired under the Pension Plan. After your one-month break, you can collect your pension and work at the same time. If you retire at 65 or later, you can continue working while collecting your pension.

Additional Information:

Health Benefits
Pension SPD

Benefit Plan Checklist
  • Your Health Fund Coverage may be affected by your reemployment after retirement if you are eligible for Medicare. If there are sufficient contributions for you to qualify under Active Coverage, the Health Fund will be your primary carrier and Medicare, secondary. If you are under Active Coverage, you will be required to pay the Dependent Premium, if applicable.
  • Your monthly benefit under the Pension Plan will be adjusted for the additional contributions received after your retirement. If you started receiving retirement benefits before age 65, the additional benefit will be effective the first of the month coinciding with or next following your 65th birthday. If you started receiving retirement benefits at age 65 or later, the additional benefit will be effective the January 1 following your reemployment.