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There’s An App For That


When the PWGA switched to VSP as our eye care provider in 2017, in addition to better pricing for our members, and a wider selection of frames and lenses, VSP also provided PWGA Participants with the ability to try glasses online. It looks a little goofy, but it works, and once you’ve gone through the process you can send pics to your friends and they can tell you how good (or horrible) you look in a particular set of glasses. Word to the wise? Private emails to friends are a lot less painful than a Facebook excursion.


There are serious things you can do with mobile apps as well. Think you might need a trip to an emergency room? Not sure? You can talk with a real, live doctor online as long as your phone, laptop or computer has a camera and an Internet connection. Here’s a link to get the software:

Once you’ve got it installed, you can talk with a live doctor, get a diagnosis (and prescription if needed). There is no charge if the doctor thinks an emergency room or urgent care center may be required.

How it works!

LiveHealth Online also offers sessions with a psychiatrist.


You can find a doctor online, make sure they’re in-network for the PWGA, see how they rank against other doctors in a particular specialty, and how many doctors with a particular specialty are within a given geographic area.

You can also get an estimate on what a given procedure is going to cost (using your personal benefits, not a generic set of assumptions). In addition, you can see all your current medical records. Click here.


This is one of the most robust app areas. Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, and a host of others provide the ability to monitor various aspects of your health and physical training efforts. Strava is a popular app among athletes.