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Health Fund



Article 3, Section 1.
Rate of Contributions and Treatment
of Unpaid Monies

  1. In order to carry out the purposes hereof, each Producer shall contribute to the Health Fund the amount required by the collective bargaining agreement or agreements at any time in force and effect between WGA and such Producer, or in the case of a Producer not subject to a WGA agreement, by an agreement between the Producer and the Health Fund. The rate and amount of contribution shall at all times be governed by said collective bargaining agreement or agreements together with any amendments, supplements and modifications thereto. Nothing in this Trust Agreement shall be deemed to change, alter or amend any of said collective bargaining agreements. The Trustees may permit Writers whose eligibility for benefits hereunder has terminated, to make self-payments under such terms, amounts and conditions, and for such periods as the Trustees direct.

  2. The Trustees may establish rules under which a Writer shall receive credit toward eligibility for benefits, based upon monies due to the Fund but which are unpaid. No credit toward eligibility shall be given for unpaid monies (i) when the Producer is considered (pursuant to resolutions of the Trustees) to be the Writer's loan-out corporation, or (ii) when the Trustees conclude that it would be inequitable under the circumstances.