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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CAN I GET MY ANNUAL PHYSICAL AT A TIHN HEALTH CENTER? Absolutely. You will pay no money from your own pocket for the exam or the lab tests (though $200 will be charged against your annual wellness allotment).

IF I GO TO A UCLA HOSPITAL FOR MY ANNUAL HEALTH EXAM WILL I HAVE TO PAY OR DOES TIHN COVER IT NOW THAT THEY’RE WORKING WITH UCLA HEALTH? Even though TIHN is now affiliated with UCLA Health, if you have an exam at a UCLA Health facility rather than at a TIHN facility your health plan’s usual charges will apply.

DO I CALL THE PWGA TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH TIHN? No. While the PWGA provides your health coverage, all arrangements will be made directly through TIHN. You can find contact information here.

DOES TIHN OFFER PHYSICAL THERAPY? Yes. TIHN has a new physical therapy center at 2211 Magnolia, Suite 160. To get a referral for physical therapy contact the TIHN Call Center: (855) 760-6783.

WHO DO I CALL IF I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT AUTHORIZATIONS OR REFERRALS? Contact TIHN for referral information or questions about billing. Questions about authorizations for procedures, etcetera, should be directed toward your health plan.

DOES TIHN HAVE ITS OWN LAB OR WILL I HAVE TO SEND BLOOD SAMPLES TO A THIRD PARTY? TIHN now uses UCLA’s laboratory in Van Nuys for all its blood work. There are several pickups a day from the various TIHN locations, so there should be no delay in getting results.

IF MY NON-TIHN DOCTOR REFERS ME TO A UCLA FACILITY WILL I BE ABLE TO PAY THE $10 TIHN OFFICE VISIT RATE? No. In order to qualify for the TIHN rates, you must be referred by a TIHN doctor – even if the referral is to a UCLA Health facility.

DO I HAVE TO USE ONLY UCLA PERSONNEL IF I NEED A SPECIALIST? No. TIHN includes over 500 physician specialists and sub-specialists from around the Los Angeles basin. All the TIHN primary care physicians have agreed to continue with UCLA Health, will continue to refer you to the specialist or sub-specialist that they believe is right for you and will do the best job caring for whatever medical issue you may have. The specialist they refer you to may be associated with UCLA, but in many cases they will not.

DO I HAVE TO USE THE UCLA HOSPITAL IN WESTWOOD IF I NEED SURGERY? No. TIHN has many specialists and sub-specialists in their network of physicians. TIHN will refer you to the best hospital for your personal situation.

WHAT HAPPENS TO TIHN PROGRAMS LIKE AGE WELL AND PALLIATIVE CARE? The programs will continue, and because of the resources available through UCLA, it is very likely that they will expand in scope.